Rcc Cooling Tower

Rcc cooling tower

We are Specialist in the foundation of Reinforced Concrete Cooling Towers. We Do RCC Cooling Towers Design and Construction for both in Cross Flow RCC Cooling Towers and Counter Flow RCC Cooling Towers, With Long life Compare to FRP and Timber Cooling Towers. RCC Towers made of Concrete cell. Every Internal Part are according to Other Cooling Towers

The Performance of Cooling Tower is Pre Determined and Over Designed dependent on Long Life Approach. Likewise Our style of development is Completely User Friendly and Attractive appropriate for tremendous wate stream application plants like
power plants,
sugar plants,
Cement plants,
Boilers and water treatment plants etc.,

We make high caliber Induced draft Cooling Tower in RCC Construction additionally both in Cross Flow and Counter Flow plan that require simple support and low reuse cost. Subsequently our mechanical RCC cooling tower is very requested by various organizations. With our diligent work we have possessed the capacity to enroll ourselves among the main RCC cooling tower makers and exporters in India. Since the structure of Cooling Tower is finished with RCC, the pinnacle life will be more than timber Capacityand FRP.

Accessible in two outlines:

  • Cross Flow plan
  • Counter Flow plan

Capacity of RCC Cooling Tower :

The scopes of our RCC Cooling towers are 500 m3/hr to 3000 m3/hr per Cell